We Need 12 People... Are You One?


Dear Believers in the Rolf Family Ministry,

Our Family of 8 has been living and ministering on the road full-time in our 31 foot Class C RV (without a home) for the past 7 months and we are praying for 12 people to Partner with our Family soon to help us take the Next Step in our Family Ministry…

In December 2017, we needed to move out of our rental home; we placed all our belongings in storage and began traveling with our Family Ministry FULLTIME.  As a family of 8, in tight quarters… God has given us grace day by day and has allowed us to do over 60 ministry outreaches to share the Gospel this year alone.

God is continuing to open ministry doors for our family to travel throughout the country and world, and we are praying that He might also open the doors for a “home base” where we can base our family ministry, rest and grow together as a family when we are not traveling. Currently, we do not have the means or funds to pursue our desired “home base”.

We are praying that the Lord will lay it on hearts of 12 brothers and sisters in Christ, who believe in our Family Ministry, to pray about becoming Monthly Missionary Supporters for the Rolf family to help us continue in family ministry and pursue finding a much needed “home base”.  Are YOU One?

We are praying for 12 new Partners for our Family Ministry:

  • 12 Partners that could give $1000 one time each year or
  • 12 partners that could give $100 per month for our family ministry...
  • Or Maybe God has blessed you to give a different amount – ANY amount would be a great blessing and encouragement!
  • 1 Partner that can help us find our Family “home base”… Do YOU know of an available HOME BASE for our Family in Ministry? Please contact us today!

All donations are tax-deductible (through our 501c3 non-profit) and can be made online monthly or one time by clicking here: 

Or visit: www.AdoptFamily.org to learn & bless

Donations can also be mailed to:  
Disciples Quest, PO Box 7070, Branson, MO 65615

Most importantly, please continue to PRAY for our family as we continue to minister and share His message and please consider joining our Monthly Prayer and Support Team…

Thank you for your prayers and may God Bless YOU!

~ jory and tess and family <><

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