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Jory and Tess Rolf, along with their six children, Banner (16), Nation (14), Anthem (11), Justus (5) and Honour (3) and Glorye (1) create Family Anthem.  The Rolf Family have a heart and passion to encourage and inspire others through “the good ol'-fashioned family experience” and to make “believers” by sharing Christ’s Love through their music.  The Rolf’s music includes a variety of bluegrass, gospel, instrumental, patriotic, folk, hymns and original collaborations. 

Their acoustic style includes such instruments as the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, hammered dulcimer, dobro, keyboard, classical guitar, harp, upright bass and accordion.

Jory has been writing and performing music since his teens.  Jory traveled with the Continental Singers as a performer and director for 6 years, as well as with the Centennial Singers as a performer for 4 years.  Jory has also written and directed youth musicals, and has been involved in creative arts teaching, training and outreach productions for the last 18 years.

Jory and Tess Rolf met on a Mission Trip with the Continental Singers, where Jory was the Director and Tess was the keyboard player.  Tess’ musical background is in classical piano and church music.  Tess has worked with Jory in teaching and training the creative arts for the past 20 years and homeschools the children.

The six Rolf children will capture your hearts with their enthusiasm and joy, sharing the love that the Lord has put into their hearts – as they “make a believer” out of you!

Family Anthem invites YOU to… Become a BELIEVER!


Jory and Tess Rolf are also the Founders and Directors of:

· Make Believers International, a missionary equipping, training and sending ministry

· SHINE Around the World, a discipleship and evangelism outreach ministry - training families and teams to go and share the Good News through creative evangelism and discipleship

· The Ozark Mountain Legacy, the Branson area's community effort to preserve and pass on our area’s unrivaled Christian Core Values and unique Ozark Mountain Spirit

Banner Kalos, Age 16

Nation Shiloh, Age 14


Anthem Joy, Age 11


Justus Amor, Age 5

Honour Chrestos,
Age 3

Glorye Kharis,
Age 1

Tess Rolf, Mom

Jory Rolf, Dad


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